Since 1999

Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF)

Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF) is a not for profit division of Apollo Hospitals Group, working with multiple entities including the medical bodies, private and public sectors,Central and State Governments both at a domestic and international level to design, develop and catalyse sustainable technology enabled community health care programs to address the existing challenges in the public health systems along with popularizing the concept and benefits of Telemedicine.

ATNF intends to create cost effective and accountable access to quality health care services with an aim of bridging the knowledge gap. ATNF envisions to achieve this, by leveraging the advancements in information and communication technologies blended with the clinical and program management expertise of Apollo Hospitals Group.

As one of the pioneers of Telemedicine across the world, Apollo has always striven to enhance the access to quality healthcare for communities both in urban and rural geographies with the following objectives:

  1. To develop and promote telemedicine and distant medical facilities in remote areas and to provide communication amongst medical community by dissemination of specialized medical knowledge through a technologically advanced network.

  2. To develop various means of integration of technological advancement in various data transmission fields with various modes of medical facilities to facilitate swift and comprehensible access to, maintenance and retrieval of the electronically maintained information, records and systems thereby developing a network amongst the doctors, hospitals and patients.

  3. To provide the Telemedicine through the transfer of medical information, medical transcription in all forms of audios, videos, motion pictures, still images, graphics, CDs, E Mail, Internet, Text and other forms of electronic methods between the patients, physicians, other healthcare providers, medical institutions, in distant locations; conducting teleconferences, peer to peer reviews through the integration of medical and surgical expertise of specialist medical consultants with the Doctors or patients in the remote areas through the use of computer, satellite and networking technology for diagnosis, treatment, consultation and continuing education. To Promote, develop and standardize Techniques of Telemedicine and conduct research therein

  4. To develop, implement and maintain the software, computer systems and related hardware, peripherals, communication equipments and other accessories for the use of Telecommunications and Networking Technology for providing the telemedicine and healthcare management.

  5. To collaborate with Indian and Foreign universities, research organizations, other Foundations in the above referred areas.

  6. To provide for scholarships, stipends, awards and rewards for persons for their services to humanity and donations to any University, College or other institution engaged in research in the field of Telemedicine and other allied subject.

  7. To enter into Joint research with other Research Centres, both in Public and Private Sectors and to accept research assignments from other individuals, Corporations, Government Agencies, Statutory bodies on mutually agreed terms on the basis that the fruits of such research shall be shared between the Company and the person or authority that sponsors such research.

  8. To help training programmes in Colleges, Schools, Universities and Educational Institutions.

  9. To convene conferences and to publish journals, bulletins, pamphlets, brochures in furtherance of research and other objects enumerated herein above.

  10. To organise, advise, assist in conducting lectures, seminars.

  11. To conduct, undertake the conduct of, and participate in national and International conferences and exhibitions.