Project Information

  • Client: ATHS
  • Location: All Major Cities
  • Benefits:12,14,802 Individuals
  • Year: since 2015
  • Program:Social Health Education to Women

Life Ahead

The program aims at building the capacity of women slum dwellers to manage and prevent NCD among their family and community. Capacity building Social Health Education sessions are held for these women in their neighborhood on various topics. Audio Visual content is provided in the respective regional colloquial language; to make the subject simplistic and interesting.

Trained Community Health Workers conduct regular sessions by integrating various Group work techniques that ensure internalization of data. Pre and post session feedback is obtained from beneficiaries to understand the knowledge retention.

Once the training is complete; the beneficiaries are certified as ‘Health Champions’.

12,14,802women across Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Pune, Kolkata and Delhi NCR slums have completed the training since 2015.