India’s leading tele-health service provider Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation has enabled Sanjeevani Telehealth Seva for Madhya Pradesh government to cater to almost 850 million people of Madhya Pradesh – one of the most seriously hit states by the COVID 19 pandemic in India.

The toll-free call service will help patients with non COVID 19 related issues to seek timely medical help at a time when non-emergency OPDs have been suspended by many hospitals.

The *Sanjeevani TeleHealth Seva *project is being executed along with Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited (recently merged into IndusIand Bank) under their CSR initiative. The toll-free number was immediately flooded with queries, receiving over 10,000+ call already.

Case Studies

1. I got this Sanjeevani Telehealth Seva number in the newspaper and I attempted to get some help at 11:45 in the night. Doctor on the other side took a detailed history about my baby’s condition in the last week and before that. She reassured me that it is nothing to be scared off. She has arranged for a paediatrician consultation next morning when Doctor gave some powder for dehydration and assured that she is otherwise totally fine – Mr. Samim Ahmed

2. I called Apollo Sanjeevani Telehealth Seva and the doctor on the phone very patiently understood my concerns. On evaluation, I was suspected of suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy and gastritis. Detailed counselling was provided explaining the prognosis of the condition and lifestyle and diet management. I was given a few medicines for immediate relief and guidance on how to improve my condition in general – Mr. Phulwai Ahmed

3. I called Apollo Sanjeevani Telehealth Seva and I was surprised by the doctor’s patience and careful understanding of my situation. Talking to the doctor instilled a lot of confidence in me. The doctor provided medicines for initial relief and suggested physiotherapy – Mr. Rakesh F/O Tarth